S4D01: God Destroyer Untitled Compilation CS
S4D02: Balcony View s/t CDr
S4D03: Alaskan Night Bears 'Champion Sound' CDr
S4D04: Alaskan Night Bears Untitled Compilation CS
S4D05: X-Offender demo CDr
S4D06: Grandmother 'Family Time' CS
S4D07: Gashkadin 'Fully Ripe' CDr
S4D09: Assimilation Untitled CDr
S4D10: Balcony View 'The Shrine of Lost Cause' CDr
S4D11: Gods of Chaos 'March into Perdition' CS
S4D12: Grandmother 'Winter Rehearsal 2012' CS
S4D13: Gashkadin 'Stray on the Vanity' CS
S4D14: Flesh Police Rehearsal CS